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5 Guaranteed Hacks to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Use These Tricks to Cruise Through the Day

Do you find yourself worrying about the battery levels of your phone by late afternoon or early evening? With all the blessings that smartphones have showered upon us, the average battery life of a phone has been on the decline.

Read the tips below and optimize your battery life by up to 25%....

Brightness Settings: You may love your iPhone’s colorful and vibrant display, but brightness remains a mortal enemy of battery life. If you aren’t doing so already, turn on the auto-brightness setting on your phone so that brightness is adjusted according to lighting levels. Avoid full brightness if you do not have access to a charging station for the next few hours.

Screen Timeout: This setting controls how long your phone’s screen stays lit after the last input. Set it to the lowest possible value to save some juice. You should be able to find this control under ‘Display Settings’.

Bluetooth: Follow this simple thumb rule: if you ain’t using it, turn off Bluetooth. Even if you are not connected to another device, your phone constantly searches for Bluetooth signals if it is not toggled off. You can easily save an hour’s worth of battery this way.

Background Apps: It is easy to lose track of the number of apps running in the background if you are not careful. Every app you run consumes a portion of your battery. Simply kill the app once you are done using it.

Vibrations: Unless you really need to, do not use the vibrator mode for notifications and phone calls. Sounds use much lesser juice than the vibrator does, so it makes sense to turn vibrator mode off for notifications.

If you use these hacks on your phone, you will easily add a couple of hours to your battery life.

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