Air Bag Cushion Crystal Clear Case For iPhone 6/ 6s/ 6s Plus

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An awesome soft case cover that gives your mobile phone a 100% safe protection.


  • Easy, snap on/off installation.
  • We are dedicated to creating products that provide our customers the best service.
  • The TPU material absorbs the shock and the four-point rear guards on the back keep your mobile.
  • Clear, slim, lightweight case design that adds minimal bulk to your phone.
  • Elegant simple clear & Drop-proof design, protect your iPhone effectively and keep your iPhone original looking.
  • It's not a cheap silicone skin case that nearly useless, it's a well-designed really good quality case which can really fully protect your expensive iPhone against damage. 
  • Special design of "air bag" on 4 corners and little dot on back plate make this smooth case very good performance of drop-proof, prevent damage even drop from over 5.5 ft (1.7 meters) high.
  • Inside little dots design looks good, and most importantly it will help absorb shock when iPhone fall.
  • Simple and anti-slip, pocket and purse friendly. 
  • Soft, will not scratch your expensive iPhone like some hard case.