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Flawless Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer


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Perfect for eyebrows: The precise tip helps remove unwanted hair between the top and bottom of the eyebrows and the eyebrows, as well as the nose and upper lip areas.

Painless: The eyebrow trimmer is the new gold standard and the first precision hair remover that instantly and painlessly removes excess hair and stunning eyebrows.

Easy to use: Hold it like a pencil like an eraser. The secret is that its micro-precision technology can be applied above, below and between the eyebrows and hair.

Safety material: 18K gold-plated head hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types. No nicks, redness or irritation.

Tips: For best results, use on clean, dry skin without any makeup or any cream or lotion. Tighten the skin and move the device in a small circular motion. It is not recommended to trim eyebrows or shape eyebrows.

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