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Premium 7 Wireless Essentials Kit


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The Naztech Premium 7 Wireless Essentials Kit has been designed so that it contains everything you’ll need to protect and enjoy your iPhone 6 Plus. This kit houses all the important essentials in premium products you’ve come to expect from Naztech.

• The Tempered Glass Screen Protector safeguards phones with scratch prevention along with shock and heat resistance.
• The Rigid Protective Transparent Case protects from dirt and scratches.
• The Dual USB Rapid Car Charger has universal appeal in its ability to charge two devices at once with 2100mA of power.
• Compact and slim in design, the Dual USB Rapid Wall Charger is equipped for over-voltage and short circuit protection with 2100mA of power.
• The Apple® Certified Lightning™ Cable not only charges users’ mobile devices -- it transfers data at lightning speeds.
• The In-ear Stereo Headset with Mic aligns with the ever-increasing demand for the hands-free experience.
• The 2-in-1 Stylus Plus Ballpoint Pen provides control as you write, sketch, tap, and drag on your touch screen and mobile digital devices.
• All accessories are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

All your wireless essentials in one package.

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